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To the Rescue!

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We got a Wildlife Rescue call this morning about a Bush-Stone Curlew chick that had fallen into a storm water drain. Lynette from Kanimbla Heights brought this situation to our attention and this little fella was rescued with a pool scoop! How cute! Tonight we plan on searching the suburb for the parent birds and reuniting the happy family.

Unfortunately the rescue was too difficult to film as the little fella was running from one drain to the other. Several volunteers were recruited to get the job done!




Bush Stone-curlews are nearby you may hear their eerie, high-pitched wailing at night. This ghost-like call is their contact call, and may be given by several birds in a chorus. Rendered as weer-lo, it is repeated four or five times, sometimes culminating in a trilled, screeching crescendo. It is sometimes also heard during the day, when stone-curlews are usually inactive, standing quietly in the shade with their eyes half-closed, or squatting on the ground where their cryptic plumage makes them difficult to see among the leaf litter.

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