Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about FNQ Nature Tours.

How difficult are the walks?

As a small group operator we do emphasise more time for walking and enjoying beautiful sceneries. However, on both the Daintree and Crater Lakes experience there are several  options that can be considered. Below are the details of our regular walking areas.


Mossman Gorge offers an Easy to Moderate 2.4 kilometre return walk surrounded by lush green rainforest. The crystal-clear water of the Mossman River cascading over granite boulders forms beautiful water holes. These sheltered retreats offer the perfect location for a rest or a swim!

Crater Lakes

During our Tableland day tour we enjoy two short walks. Both these walk are an Easy grade, around 600 meters and you can still enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the tropical rainforest

Private Tours

Walks can be completely modified to suit private tour bookings.

What type of vehicle do you use?

Our touring vehicle is a modern and fully air-conditioned Hyundai Imax with a total capacity of seven. For private bookings requiring special access to remote areas, we use a modern 4WD Nissan Patrol, seating 6 passengers.

For larger group enquires we have access to a 13 seat Hi-ace commuter.

When do you cancel a tour?

In the Wet Tropics region during the Dec-April period we experience seasonal wet weather. This can be a very rewarding time to visit and experience the ‘Rain’-forest. When Tropical Cyclones are approaching the FNQ coast we get ample warning and may cancel tours due to potential flooding and fallen trees blocking access to National Parks.

For our standard day tours, we require a minimum of two passengers to travel. During the off-peak season, we may experience cancelations for an individual.

What age groups are most suited for your tours?

Our tours are all about less time driving and more time exploring! Nature lovers of all ages can enjoy our tours!

Where do you pickup from?

Our day tours start in the Cairns city with pickups commencing at 0730. For guests accommodated in the Northern Beaches suburbs, the pickup time will be 0800 and Port Douglas, 0830.

For private tours we can also arrange Airport pickups and luggage storage.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothes as you are in the tropics, our winter or ‘dry season’ can be slightly cool in the mornings, a light jacket may be handy. Natural light colours are recommended for wildlife spotting and staying cool in the warmer months.

Hiking shoes are not necessary for our day tours. Flat comfortable shoes or sandals are okay for our day walks.

All our tours have access to safe swimming areas and therefore a towel and spare clothes are great to have in a day pack.

Will we see Crocodiles in the wild?

Saltwater Crocodiles are best spotted in the cooler months of the year (April-Oct). As the water temperature drops, Crocodiles spend more time bathing in the sun to warm their reptile bodies. This greatly improves the quality of our observations, however Saltwater Crocodiles breed during the summer months (Nov-March) and therefore get quite active in the river. We see more Crocodiles swimming and sometimes fighting, rather than laying in the sun.

In Queensland we do not feed or entice our wild animals including Crocodiles. It can be dangerous to form an association between boats and food. Quite favorably when we witness Crocodile activity it is without any intervention and that makes it fantastic! We have a 100% success rate with Croc spotting, during difficult weather,we may spend extra time on the cruise to fulfil our desires.

Are the tours wheelchair/disabled friendly?

As our philosophy is a little ‘off the beaten track’. It may not be the best option for travellers who are wheelchair bound or require the use of other mobility aids.

Why choose FNQ Nature tours?

As a small group operator, we are fortunate to spend more time enjoying the nature based activities. This includes our rainforest walks, wildlife spotting and swimming options.

We have access to several private areas outside of National Parks. It makes a huge difference when spotting wildlife to have secluded and quiet areas of the region to explore. It’s quite often we have entire walks to ourselves!

Our guides have over 10 years of experience, you will find they enjoy the nature and wildlife interactions just as much as you! It’s a lifestyle  career that requires a special personality and character.

We affiliate with other eco-friendly tourism operators when enjoying activities such at River cruising for Crocodiles or night spotting for Mammals. By joining our tours you are contributing to the overall quality of Nature Based Tourism in Far North Queensland.

Still need help? Get in touch!

For any other questions, please contact us at info@fnqnaturetours.com.au

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